Compulsory Acquisition of Ionian property – Tax Exemption Rules

Compulsory Acquisition requires checking out the balance between the public requirement for land, and the land tenure security’s provision. On the other, it required finding the balance between the safeties of private owned property for sale Ionian Islands rights. It is instinctively deleterious.

When compensation is lavish and process is normally efficient and fair, the folks’ displacement from established communities, businesses and homes may still involve the valuable human prices.

Where the procedure is implemented or formulated in a poor manner, the political, social as well as economic costs can be immeasurable. If a government’s activity of compulsory acquisition is to be legitimate, fair and effective, then the compulsory acquisition’s process play a vital role.  


Tax Exemption Rules on compulsory acquisition Ionian property


  1. Protection of fair procedure and due process

Rules must offer for proper accessible mechanisms, participatory planning and advance consultation for appeals. Also, rules on compulsory acquisition must limit the officials’ discretion. 


  1. Equivalent compensation

Candidates must get the compensation which should not less than the loss they may get from the compulsory acquisition of their land. So, Laws must make sure that affected occupants as well as owners get same pay, whether in alternative land or cash. Laws must set out consistent and fair valuation bases for getting it.


  1. Great governance

Companies which mandatory attain the land must be accountable for the reliable faith implementation of regulations. Great governance decreases the misuse of opportunities as well as power for corruption.


There are many properties for sale Ionian Islands which can be based on Compulsory Acquisition.